Yolanda Hadid, 52, was the proudest of mothers Wednesday night.

For the first time, the former model could boast that Bella was included in the Victoria's Secret model line-up as well as Gigi for 2016.

"Last year, Gigi got it and Bella didn't get it and I felt awkward being there having Bella at home. And this year, it's just so perfect because they're both here. We're celebrating, the sisters together," she told The AP.

The three posed for cameras and kissed on the pink carpet following the collection — in a show of family love.

"It's all surreal. I mean, I came here when I was 16, modeling. So many years have gone by and to be here with both my girls, it's emotional. I keep looking at them and pinching myself. Whoever thought that this would happen?" she added.