Ben's Bells promote kindness and community. It was started in 2003 by the family of Ben Maré Packard as a way to honor the 2-year-old who died of croup a year earlier. Each week a person who betters Tucson is "belled," and twice a year volunteers hang hundreds of bells in public places around town for whomever is lucky enough to find one. Volunteers have gone across the country to distribute bells in towns and cities that have experienced community tragedies. More than 19,000 Ben's Bells have been given away. Go to or call 628-2829 for information.

If you watch

A national news crew was in Tucson to record the mass belling Thursday morning. The "Making a Difference" segment on Ben's Bells will air in Tucson at 5:30 this evening during the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on KVOA Channel 4.