AKA Deli & Bakeshop, 100 S. Avenida del Convento, Suite 126 - photo courtesy of Google earth

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In April

History: This was the restaurant’s first regular inspection.

What the inspector saw: The inspector noted four priority violations, earning the deli a needs improvement rating. Those included an employee switching between tasks without washing their hands, another handle a ready-to-eat bagel with their bare hands, a slicer stored as clean with food debris and a deli case not keeping food sufficiently cool. During the April 21 follow-up, the deli case was still not functioning properly, earning AKA the failed inspection.

Follow-up: The deli passed the next follow-up on April 28.

Response: Owner Sally Kane said the deli case was recalibrated and now functions correctly. She also spoke with staff about the other issues.

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