This cocktail book adds more fruits and veggies to the mix.

Bill Hogan / MCT

Just like her drinks, it was time mixologist Bridget Albert of Shorewood refreshed her cocktail book.

The author, along with Mary Barranco, first published “Market-Fresh Mixology: Cocktails for Every Season” in 2008, which at the time stood out for sourcing drink ingredients from the garden. But with more recipes in their collection, the authors needed to update the book. It also gave them a chance to give back, donating proceeds to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

“It’s great for home entertainment,” Albert said. “If you really want to impress friends and create a beautiful experience for them at home, this is the recipe book for you, and you get to give back.”

Featuring drinks, toasts, tips and tricks for every season, the new edition includes a few new recipes per section, most adding more veggies and fruit to the mix.

The list of summer recipes, for example, introduces two fruity concoctions, the cantaloupe cobbler and apricot lemonade freeze.

Both sweet, the cobbler’s pineapple, cantaloupe and bourbon create a refreshing mix. Though it’s easy to detect a slight hint of bourbon, the first taste of cantaloupe and then a sweet burst of pineapple and cherry dominate.

Cocktail lovers looking for a bit more punch would appreciate the apricot lemonade freeze — fresh lemon juice takes the lead, with an intense sweet-and-sour taste.

Though the new additions are pretty tasty, Albert said her favorites, and the biggest crowd pleasers, are the fresh tomato bloody mary and the blueberry lavender mojito.

They’re her go-to drinks when serving friends at her bar at home.

“I think that cocktails are always about the experience,” Albert said. “They’re about bringing people together and making memories. Any cocktail should be about that.”