Eugene A. Doerr - On September 24, 1994, Eugene Doerr called police. He reported waking up and finding a dead woman in his bedroom. The nude victim, Karen Bohl, was found lying on the floor with several lacerations to her head. A nipple had been cut off her breast. She suffered major trauma to her vagina and rectal area. Bruises and abrasions were found on her neck and other parts of her body. Investigators noticed signs of a major struggle inside the apartment, including bloodstains on walls, floors and furniture in different rooms. An autopsy later revealed Karen Bohl died from multiple blunt force trauma. Eugene Doerr's clothes and most of his body were covered in dried blood. When his clothing was removed, investigators observed his pelvic area and penis were also saturated with dried blood. He had several injuries, including a broken hand, a deep laceration to his wrist consistent with a knife wound. A bloody steak knife was found on the bathroom sink. A bloodstained brass pipe was located on the living room floor. Eugene Doerr told police he had gone out drinking at a couple of bars the previous evening, and did not remember coming home. When he woke up, he found the victim's body and realized he was covered with blood. He claimed he had no idea what happened. The defendant informed an investigator the victim's purse was on the bathroom floor and her car was parked out front. He then tried to correct himself by saying he believed the car was hers. Doerr stated, "She must have really made me mad for me to do something to her like this. " He asked an officer if he would be getting life in prison for the crime, then declined to answer questions without an attorney. Blood samples taken from Eugene Doerr showed no presence of drugs or alcohol.