George R. Kayer - George Russell Kayer, who was wanted for violating his probation, borrowed money from his friend, Delbert L. Haas, so he could gamble in Laughlin. Kayer's girlfriend, Lisa Dawn Kester, went with Kayer and Haas to Laughlin where Kayer lost all his money in heavy gambling. Kayer told Haas, however, that he had won big, but his winnings had been stolen from him. Prior to returning to Arizona, Kayer told his girlfriend that they were going to rob Haas and then kill him. When they stopped in Kingman for some beer, Kayer armed himself with a hand gun. Later, they turned off the interstate and drove into some woods so the victim could relieve himself. Kayer stopped his girlfriend from leaving the vehicle. He then got out of the van and shot Delbert Haas in the back of the head. He returned to the van with Haas' wallet, watch, and some jewelry. They drove a short distance, then Kayer said "Oh damn, I didn't get his keys." They returned to the scene of the killing. After checking the body, Kayer returned to the van for the gun telling Kester that the victim was not dead. He then shot Haas again in the head. With his keys, they went to Haas' home in Spring Valley where Kayer stole some guns, a camera, and some jewelry. Eventually, they returned to Nevada. About 10 days after the murder, Kester reported the murder to officials saying she was upset because Kayer was gambling away all the money and when she confronted him about it, he said "You sometimes have to kill people to survive." Kayer was convicted of both premeditated and felony murder, as well as trafficking in stolen property, and theft of a firearm both of which were enhanced with two historical prior felony convictions.