Brian A. Terry became the 10th agent to die on duty in the Border Patrol Tucson Sector, according to Arizona Daily Star archives.

The last agent killed on duty in the Tucson Sector was Michael V. Gallagher, 32, who died in September when his vehicle was struck by a drunken driver while patrolling on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Before that, Agent David Webb died in a rollover crash west of Tucson in November 2006. In March 2006, Agent Nicholas Greenig, 28, died when a car he was in hit a cow on Arizona 86 near Why, 110 miles west of Tucson.

Nationwide, there have been 111 Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty since 1919, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page website.

Terry is the first agent in 12 years to die in a shooting in the Tucson Sector. In 1998, agent Alexander Kirpnick was shot by drug smugglers in Potrero Canyon, west of Nogales.

Here is the list of agents who have died on duty in the Tucson Sector:

• Michael V. Gallagher, 2010, crash.

• David Webb, 2006, crash.

• Nicholas Greenig, 2006, crash.

• George DeBates, 2004, crash.

• Alexander Kirpnick, 1998, shot by drug smugglers

• Victor Ochoa, 1983, crash.

• George Pringle, 1940, crash.

• Lon Parker, 1926, killed in shootout with liquor smugglers.

• William McKee, 1926, shot by liquor smugglers.