The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a public-comment meeting next week on a pending settlement of Tucson Electric Power Co.’s pending rate case.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the state building at 400 W. Congress Street, Room 222.

TEP, whose rates have been capped since December 2008, had requested an increase of 15 percent, or about $11 per month on the average monthly residential bill.

Under a proposed settlement between the Corporation Commission staff, TEP and other parties, the average residential customer bill would increase by less than $3.00, the commission said.

The overall impact reflects a base-rate increase, as well as a reduction in a floating surcharge for purchased power and fuel and a reduction in a surcharge for conservation programs resulting from the adoption of a plan proposed to comply with a state energy-efficiency mandate.

Formal hearings on the TEP rate case begin March 6 in Tucson. An administrative law judge will hear evidence and submit a recommendation to the full Corporation Commission, which will make the final rate decision.