Fed up with Instagram?

Give Flickr a chance.

Yahoo has taken a leaf out of Instagram's book with its new Flickr app, which lets users display and share pictures and take interesting snaps as well.

The app comes with filter settings that let people apply different effects to their phone snaps to make them appear aged or otherwise altered.

The app also presents photos from the site in a clean, intuitive way.

Free, for iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android devices.


A little help for caretakers:

Being a caretaker can be a taxing responsibility. Simply managing medical paperwork and instructions can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Now Carezone, a social network and management app that records prescription notes, important contacts and other notes, steps up to the plate.

The network also lets users add, privately, the contact information for friends and family members in order to provide written and verbal messages for health updates or other information quickly to a group of people.

Free, for iOS devices.


Email made easy.

Google took a second swing at its Gmail application for Apple devices with a mandate to make the app simple and easy.

In many ways, it succeeded.

The revamped app allows users to sign into up to five accounts at a time and is much easier to use.

Messages now automatically resize to fit your screen, and the app will sync with Google Calendar and the Google+ social network.

Getting to labels, using the archive, marking messages as read and other controls are intuitive as well.

Despite multiple improvements, however, this app still has drawbacks.

For example, users can't choose to see emails from all of their accounts at once - they have to switch identities first.

While that's good for keeping your accounts straight, it's not that helpful when you're trying to catch up on all aspects of your life at a glance.

Free, for iOS devices.