App reviews: SnapTax for simple forms, Gelo for pix

Do your April 15 chore quickly; add color, pop to your photography
2013-01-26T00:00:00Z App reviews: SnapTax for simple forms, Gelo for pixHayley Tsukayama The Washington Post Arizona Daily Star
January 26, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Here are two applications:


Taxes in 10 minutes? That's the promise of SnapTax, an app from Intuit that lets users take a smartphone photo of their W-2 and fill in the paperwork from there. It's an enticing promise for those with the simplest tax needs, but there are a few things to note before deciding you can use this tool to put off your taxes until the night of April 14.

For one, as with many photo-recognition features, the photo-to-text transfer isn't perfect. It works surprisingly well - and you can input your info by keyboard, too - but you will likely have to make corrections, which are significant given that these are tax forms. Check them carefully.

This is also an app for the simplest filers, so it's probably not the best tool if you have a side business or contracting work to note on your forms.

Finally, while the app is free to use, actually filing taxes will cost $25 deducted from your iTunes or Google Play account.

Free, for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.


Well, it's one way to make your life more colorful. Gelo, a photo app for the iPhone, gives users an easy way to add the effect of bright, vibrant gels to your digital snapshots to give them a little extra pop. The app itself is a little complicated to get into, but users can make some pretty cool effects once they puzzle through the controls.

It's certainly a great app for those who like to play with color, but not an essential photo tool for your editing arsenal. And don't worry: If you get carried away, you can revert your photo to its original state.

99 cents, for iOS devices.

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