PHOENIX — Arizonans won't know for at least a month — if not longer — whether a jump last month in the state's unemployment rate, to 8.3 percent from 8 percent, is a trend or a glitch.

The announcement of the September jobless rate, scheduled for Thursday, has been cancelled.

Aruna Murthy, director of economic analysis for the state Department of Administration, said the shutdown in Washington has left her staff without numbers to report.

And there may be nothing to report next month about the October unemployment rate, either.

Murthy said she does not know whether the surveys of businesses and households, which are supposed to be filled out this week, went out before employees from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics were furloughed on Oct. 1. No surveys means no data to analyze.

In fact, the only reason Murthy and her staff are working is that the BLS, which funds her division, provided the money for October up front. So when the federal government shuttered, there was already cash in the bank to pay their salaries.