An Army report shows the service plans to cut some 2,700 military and civilian jobs at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, cutting the number of jobs at the installation nearly in half as part of an Army-wide force restructuring.

The Army plan would would cut its total forces from a wartime high of 570,000 soldiers to between about 440,000 to 450,000 in the next few years and as low as 420,000 by 2019.

The cuts have been discussed previously but more details emerged as the Army opened a 60-day public comment period on an environmental and socioeconomic assessment of its 2020 force restructuring plan.

Fort Huachuca is Cochise County’s biggest employer and the eighth-largest employer in Southern Arizona, with 5,717 soldiers and civilian employees not counting contractors, according to the 2014 Star 200 survey of the region’s major employers.

The proposed action is similar to a plan last year but is broader and “allows for deeper potential reductions,” the Army said. Fort Huachuca was not included in an analysis of reduction options last year.

The post’s major tenants are the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the United States Army Intelligence Center.

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