After showing his support for a new anti-SB 1070 campaign last week, one Tucson businessman has changed his position.

Last Thursday the nonprofit humanitarian organization No More Deaths kicked off its "We Mean Business" campaign. More than 90 local business owners are demonstrating their opposition to the Arizona immigration law set to take effect July 29 by displaying "We Mean Business" signs in the windows of their establishments.

Restaurateur Tony Vaccaro, owner of Brooklyn Pizza Company and Sky Bar, both on North Fourth Avenue, originally supported the No More Deaths campaign, but changed his stance on SB 1070, after reading the 17-page document in its entirety. He has since removed the "We Mean Business" signs from his establishments.

In an e-mail sent to the Arizona Daily Star on Tuesday, Vaccaro wrote: "This weekend I actually took the time to read the official state version of SB 1070. I could not find any language in the law that I opposed. It appears to simply require the state to do the job of the federal government. We can let our venerable judicial system figure out if this is constitutional.

"Additionally, barring extreme situations, I do not believe that businesses should get involved in politics. That is for individuals, politicians and lobby groups. I feel that I have let some of my customers down by getting involved in the SB 1070 debate."

Sarah Launius, a spokeswoman for No More Deaths, said the organization has received telephone calls of support in the days since the "We Mean Business" campaign started.

"There have been a number of businesses that have sought us out saying they want to put up a sign," Launius said. "We've also heard from a number of community members saying, 'Thank you so much for presenting us a different side,' and they will change their shopping patterns to support the businesses that display our signs."

"We Mean Business"

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