Brushfire BBQ is opening a small ice cream shop at its East 22nd Street restaurant.

Courtesy Brushfire BBQ

The owners of the Brushfire BBQ Co. are expanding into ice cream.

Ben Rine and Jared Wren are turning the private party room at their east-side location, 7080 E. 22nd St., into an ice creamery that will offer 24 flavors, made in-house and served in sundae, cone, malt and milkshake forms.

Standards like chocolate and vanilla will be available, but also unique options.

The Brushfire crew has been testing a variety of homemade concoctions, including a hazelnut with chunks of chocolate-covered graham crackers and marshmallows and an ice cream that comes with thin slices of pork belly.

Rine said that they hope to have ice creamery open shortly after Christmas.