Casa Video will add a bar in November or December.

James S. Wood / Arizona Daily Star 2007

If you have been to Casa Video lately and found construction tarps where the Criterion section used to be, here’s the deal: A beer and wine bar is coming to the back room of the rental store at 2905 E. Speedway.

When it opens in late November/December, Casa Film Bar will have about 20 taps and 300 bottles of local and craft beer, said co-owner Kyle Schwab. Customers will be able to purchase bottles to go or drink them inside the bar space for a fee. Bar staff will also pour growlers and refillable aluminum cans known as crowlers.

Other tap options will include wine as well as local cold-brew and nitro coffee. (As for hot coffee, they’re still working out whether it will be single cup pour-over or French press.) Customers will be able to bring the coffee and craft sodas into the rest of the store but not the alcohol.

The bar will be staffed by a separate team of bartenders, which Casa is hiring now.

Schwab says the bar area will be open to the rest of the store, and that customers can also enter from the outside through doors on the patio. (To get to the second floor with the foreign movies, you’ll have to go through the bar.)

The bar will have one large movie screen and four 55” TVs which will play different movies throughout the week, depending on the chosen theme.

“We’re gonna try to keep it loud enough so people can hear (the movie), but so that people can have a conversation at the same time,” Schwab said.

The owners thought up the bar idea in part as a way to increase sales, which have been down in the age of Netflix and Internet streaming. The beer idea isn’t entirely new: Casa Video began selling cans and growlers of craft beer for takeout last August.

“We’re just trying to find other avenues to make money, and we have an interest in beer,” Schwab said. “And the beer sales have done pretty well with us, so we think that beer would be a good thing to get into.”

When it opens, Casa Film Bar will have the same hours as the store: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m seven days a week.