The days are longer and warmer, and the nights are still cool.

It's that glorious time of year between winter and summer, when you don't need the heater or the air conditioner.

Yes, my friends, I'm talking about spring - don't blink because you might miss it here in Tucson.

Spring is traditionally the time to deep-clean the house - to refresh and brighten it up after the winter months.

So, I decided to do a spot check on the prices of items you might buy for spring cleaning at 10 various stores around town.

I chose mostly the popular name brands because they had the most standardized sizes to compare and everybody knows them.

When sizes did vary, I adjusted the prices by figuring out the unit price and multiplying it by the number of ounces or items that matched the other stores.

I also included three discount stores to see what they have and for how much. The discount stores carried a mix of off-brands and name brands. If a name brand was available, I chose it.

If not, I chose the item closest to the name brand. For example, Big Lots did not carry Windex. Instead it had Top Job Window Cleaner in the same size bottle as the name brand from other stores.

Prices - listed with regular price first, followed by club card when applicable - were recorded on Wednesday and Thursday.

Next up in my occasional price checks: I'll compare prices of do-it-yourself home improvement products.

Star reporter Angela Pittenger, our Centsible Mom, shares tips, ideas and news about how Tucson consumers can find value and stretch their budgets. Send suggestions, ideas or questions to her at or 573-4137.