Applying for a new-construction permit is about to get a lot more exciting.

Beginning Tuesday, Tucson's Planning and Development Services Department will be joining municipalities across the globe in observing Building Safety Month.

To celebrate, the city is handing out free smoke detectors to anyone who fills out a new-construction permit. And to ratchet up the fun, folks can enter a drawing to win some free carbon monoxide detectors for the home or office.

The annual campaign provides local building code officials a forum to stress the integral role building codes and competent administration play in maintaining safe and sustainable structures.

"Building safety is critical to the health and smart growth of our community," said Ernie Duarte, director of Planning and Development Services, in a news release. "One of our department's priorities is to ensure that construction in the city is done according to council-adopted codes to protect the people who will be occupying and using the building."

This year's themes span a broad spectrum of concerns that include fire safety, disaster safety and mitigation, backyard and pool safety, and energy and green building.