Three of Tucson’s 99 Cents Only Stores have applied for beer and wine liquor licenses.

Eric Schiffer, CEO of 99 Cents Only Stores, said they will sell full size bottles of quality wine.

“This is not the refrigerated screw top bottle of wine,” he said.

The wine they carry will depend on what they can get through “special opportunistic buys.”

When wine does become available, there won’t be a lot of it, and chances are, customers will only be able to get that specific kind that one time.

The discount store is able to get the wine when manufacturers over produce or the label changes or it doesn’t do well in the grocery stores.

“When we get the wine it will be a great treat for our customers because they’re getting a good quality table wine at an exceptional price,” Schiffer said.

The price of the wine will vary, depending on what it normally sells for.

For example, if it’s a brand that typically sells for $10 to $20 in the grocery store, it will probably be sold for $1.79 at the 99 Cents Only Stores.

“Others we may sell for about a dollar,” Schiffer said.

While the focus will mainly be on wine, the stores might also get specialty beer from time to time, which will sell for about a dollar a bottle.

“I think people will be very excited about it,” Schiffer said.

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