Winners of the Best Overall Design award developed a remote-controlled robotic fish. The UA's Engineering Design Day was Tuesday.


A remote-controlled robotic fish featuring ultra-fine sensor controls and high-definition video won the Best Overall Design award Tuesday at the University of Arizona's 11th annual Engineering Design Day.

Winning that award was the design team of Charles Leichner, Clayton Stewart, Yi-Chieh Chen, Hannah Grant, Mohamed Khairy and Robbie Laity. The project sponsor was MediaMation Inc. and the prize sponsor was BAE Systems.

Second place in the BAE Best Overall Design award went to a thermal optical test chamber design team: Ivan McCrea, John Davis, Hafez Gharbiah, Leah Childers, Lajos Pelikan, Chris Miller. Project sponsor: Lincoln Laboratories, MIT.

The Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest winner was a fully automated beer-cooling and dispensing system. Design team: Ryan Kovalchick, Nicole Rojas, Tim May, Danny Armenta, Michael Sato, Kyle Burke. Project sponsor: Texas Instruments.

Ventana Medical Systems Inc. Innovation in Engineering award went to a hydroponic barley fodder system. Design team: Paola Espinoza, Katie McCracken, Greg York. Project sponsor: Bosque Engineering LLC.

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