Users on both Apple and Android platforms are looking for fun, with games dominating the fastest movers among apps in the last week, according to search engine Mobilewalla.

Social-media apps that help you discover new music and communicate with video also surged in popularity among users.


Draw Rider (Free)* - Play this "stick man" biker game that has you pedaling and jumping obstacles. Realistic physics make this one a winner. (Mobilewalla Score: 94/100)

Twitter #Music (Free) - (See related review on this page). (Score: 92/100)

Dentist Office (Free) - Hate going to the dentist? Now you can turn the tables and "operate" on patients with multiple dental ailments. (Score: 88/100)

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy ($0.99) - The sequel to the original smash hit is here. A fun game, and a great way to relieve stress. (Score: 85/100)

Vine (Free)* - The new social-media craze is upon us with this video-sharing app that allows you to create short videos and share them with your friends. (Score: 69/100)


Need for Speed Most Wanted ($4.99)* - The latest in the series of console-style racing games, this one allows you to choose your favorite super cars. Amazing graphics make it worth the price. (Mobilewalla Score: 99/100)

Candy Crush Saga (Free)* - This highly addictive matching game will have you staring at your phone for hours. (Score: 98/100).

The Room ($1.99)* - Play this 3-D brain teaser where you find your way through a maze of rooms. Scary and exciting. (Score: 88/100)

Assistant (Free) - Billed as a serious rival to Apple's Siri, Assistant offers full voice-recognition control of your phone's functions such as email, search and directions. (Score: 81/100)

Emoji Keyboard (Free) -Get a full keyboard of dozens of Emoji icons to insert into your emails, documents or text messages. (Score: 72/100)

Apps with an asterisk* denote availability on Apple and Android. Mobilewalla is a search and discovery engine that ranks apps for consumers. Apps are ranked using an algorithm that weighs several characteristics, including user ratings, staff recommendations and position within the category.