May Flower Restaurant, 6462 N. Oracle Road; El Dorado Restaurant, 1949 S. Fourth Ave.; and China A Super Buffet, 75 W. River Road, failed health inspections in November.

All three have since passed reinspection.

Restaurants are inspected twice a year and given provisional licenses if they fail; when that happens, they are reinspected about every 10 days until they pass and are inspected again about 60 days afterward, Pima County officials say.

Health inspection results


6462 N. Oracle Road

Failed an inspection Nov. 2 and passed reinspection Nov. 27.

Management's response: Owners Celia Yang and Harry Fung said they have addressed the violations, including some remodeling and new tiling as well as fixing food-temperature problems.

Critical violations

• Food on the buffet line, including fish and sweet-and-sour chicken, was not kept warm enough to avoid contamination.

• Food in the reach-in refrigerator, including cooked chicken, cooked BBQ beef and various sauces, was not kept cold enough.

• Raw chicken was stored above ready-to-eat vegetables.

• An employee's uncovered soda was stored on the food-preparation table.

• Dish racks that hold clean dishes had food-debris buildup.

• Poisonous or toxic materials were stored too close to food and silverware.

• No food-prep sink in the facility. Food was being washed by colander in a sink next to the dish sink.

• Flooring was in disrepair and needed to be replaced.

• Walls, floors and equipment had a heavy buildup of grease and food and needed a deep cleaning.


1949 S. Fourth Ave.

Failed an inspection Nov. 9 and passed reinspection Nov. 20.

Management's response: A manager did not return two calls seeking comment.

Critical violations

• Food was not stored at cool enough temperatures, including guacamole and pico de gallo.

• There was not a handwashing sink in the wait-station area.

• An open drink container was stored over the food-preparation table.

• Raw beef was stored over cooked food, including shredded chicken and melons, in the walk-in.

• Ready-to-eat foods were not date marked with expiration dates.

• The facility was in need of a deep cleaning. Shelving was covered with dried food debris, and there was a heavy buildup of grease on filters in the exhaust hoods.

• Bowls and attachments for the food processor were stored as clean when they were still dirty with food debris.


75 W. River Road

Failed an inspection on Nov. 29 and passed reinspection on Dec. 10.

Management's response: "We did everything we needed to do, and we want to continue to do everything better," said the restaurant's owner, Jenny Lou.

Critical violations

• A waiter was observed scraping dirty dishes and then refilling a customer's glass without first washing his hands.

• A waiter was observed picking a paper towel off the floor, throwing it into a garbage can and then handling a glass of water for a customer without first washing his hands.

• Tubs of cooked chicken, pork, rice and noodles were being held at room temperature on a buffet line. Other foods were not being kept cool enough to avoid the risk of contamination.

• A waiter was observed placing lemon slices into customers' glasses with his bare hand.

• Tubs of raw chicken were stored above boxes of raw eggs. Raw pork was stored directly above cut onions and peppers. Boxes of raw chicken were stored above loosely wrapped pot stickers.

• Cleaned mushrooms were held in an old raw-chicken box, and several batches of fried chicken were being stored in boxes that previously stored raw chicken.

• Cooked chicken and cooked pork were held in the refrigerator longer than 24 hours without being date marked.

• Two unlabeled spray bottles of dish detergent were stored in the cooking area.

Compiled from Pima County Health Department records

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