A Tucson high-tech firm and a major Japanese glass company have formed a venture to develop semiconductor packaging using ultrathin glass.

NMode Solutions Inc. of Tucson and Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. have invested $2.1 million to co-found a subsidiary business, Triton Micro Technologies.

The new company will develop technology to form connections, called interposers, through thin glass to make a new generation of vertically stacked, "2.5-D" and "3-D" semiconductor devices.

Interposers allow the creation of a high number of electrical connections between a silicon chip and a printed circuit board - a key to new space-saving, stacked semiconductor designs, the companies said in a news release.

The new company, headquartered in Tucson with a manufacturing facility planned in California, will combine nMode's interposer technology with materials technology and micro-hole drilling techniques from Asahi Glass, part of the Mitsubishi group.