A major remodeling at O’Rielly Chevrolet on East Broadway includes a complete face-lift and new features — including an indoor delivery area where car buyers can learn to use all the new technology packed into cars these days.

The redo is the first major renovation since Buck O’Rielly, son of founder Frank O’Rielly, moved the dealership to 6100 E. Broadway from North Sixth Avenue downtown in 1966.

While the renovation didn’t expand the dealership, the three-phase project that began about a year ago involved a total makeover of the company’s buildings, systems, outdoor areas and offices, the company said.

“The footprint didn’t change, but pretty much every square inch of the interior is remodeled and refreshed,” company President Rob Draper said. He declined to say what the makeover cost.

The showroom was enlarged by the elimination of some office space, and a new, two-story used-car building replaced a one-story structure, Draper said.

The remodeling allowed a better flow between service areas, the customer lounge and the connected retro-style Corvette Café, which serves coffee and food.

In the new indoor delivery area, O’Rielly’s “vehicle delivery coordinators” help car buyers learn — in climate-controlled comfort — how to use technology such as General Motors’ OnStar communications system, “infotainment” and navigation systems, collision-avoidance systems and the intricacies of driving and charging Chevy’s Volt plug-in hybrid electric car.

“There’s all kinds of gadgetry and electronics. They’re not complicated to operate, but it does help to sit with someone and get an explanation of how it works,” Draper said.