A group of engineering students from a university in Sonora spent the past month in Tucson training with engineers from the University of Arizona.

The students are majoring in electrical, industrial, mechanical and software engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus in Sonora.

On Friday, the group got to tour the Universal Avionics manufacturing facility, where instrument panels and aircraft “black boxes” are made — although they are orange in color.

“Talent and technology are now global,” said Alex Rodriguez, Southern Arizona director of the Arizona Technology Council, who helped organize the tour.

“The engineering students visiting Tucson from the Tech de Monterrey bring this notion to life in a powerful and impactful way,” he said.

By visiting with UA engineers, students have the opportunity to judge applications of different processes and methodologies, said Sandra Esther Perez Dueñas, coordinator of the exchange program, called The Systems Process. They also get to understand the dynamics of teams and their roles in creating successful projects, she said.