Here are more details of what to expect when Johnny Gibson’s Market opens in December in downtown at 11 S. Sixth Ave.:

Owners Paul and Christi Cisek and Ron and Kelly Abbott want to offer people who work, live or visit downtown a place to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables or grab a hot meal.

Among their plans:

  • A meat case with fresh fish flown in two or three times a week.
  • Organic produce.
  • Everyday items such as toilet paper and toothpaste.
  • Specialty groceries: gluten-free and casein- free items.
  • Focus on local Arizona foods: Green Valley pecans, Santa Cruz Chili Powder Co., Arizona wine from Cochise County, Divine Gourmet.
  • Hispanic food selections: enchilada sauces, El Pato sauce, prickly pear cactus and a variety of chiles.
  • Full service deli with both cold and hot foods.
  • Salad bar.
  • Full-service bakery.
  • Breakfast: The market will serve hot breakfast daily.
  • Lunch: Soups, sandwiches and roasted chickens are some of the items that will be available.
  • Dinner: A different meal will be served each night of the week.
  • The market will offer both a front, outdoor patio and a back courtyard where customers can enjoy the downtown ambiance.

If an item isn’t carried by the store, Christi Cisek said it will be specially ordered for you.

Tucsonans are being asked what they want to see carried in the store. You can offer a suggestion via the Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market’s Facebook page.

The market will lease the building from the family of the late entrepreneur Johnny Gibson, who opened his barbershop there in 1949 and ran it and subsequent businesses downtown until he retired in 2001. He died in 2010.

The building was later used by Beowulf Alley Theatre, which closed last year.

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