The Arizona Daily Star and StarNet hosted a crew of Internal Revenue Service agents, certified public accountants and tax preparation experts on Tuesday to answer readers’ tax-filing questions during an online chat. This was one of the many questions:

Q: I helped my 22-year-old with tuition and books in 2013. He is not my dependent and does not live with me. He works part-time as well. How can I get credit for this through my deductions?

A: Unfortunately, the credits and deduction for education are available for your 22-year-old only if he is not your dependent. The credit goes to whoever can claim the personal exemption, regardless of who paid it, you or him. If your 22-year-old claims his own exemption, then he would be able to claim the education credit even for the amounts you paid.

If you missed the chat, the full transcript of its questions and answers could be helpful to you as you prepare your tax forms. Find it at online.