Partying and bicycling have come together in a new business that takes its customers for a ride through downtown Tucson, University Boulevard and North Fourth Avenue.

The Arizona Party Bike is a 14-person, pedal-powered vehicle with an electric drive system, seat belts, road lights and hydraulic brakes that can be reserved for just about any occasion. The vehicle is also outfitted with LED party lights and a sound system that can play anybody’s play list.

Participants can bring their own beer and wine to drink while on board the vehicle, since the company has a license for an open container exemption under limousine, bus and taxi laws. However, passengers have to bring their own beverages, which must remain on the vehicle.

“On the street itself, it is a public consumption violation, but not on the vehicle,” said Robert Mayer, owner of Arizona Party Bike. “Because passengers are not in actual physical control of the vehicle — we provide a trained driver — there is no DUI or BUI that can occur.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because a similar venture — Trolley Pub, in which Mayer is an investor — took to the streets of the Old Pueblo in 2011, but it moved to North Carolina when construction began on Tucson’s new streetcar route.

Mayer builds the bikes for others for $45,000 to $50,000. So far, he’s built 10. “It’s a pretty labor- intensive project. We have them in Dallas, Nashville, Philadelphia and one in Brazil.”

Mayer said Friday and Saturday nights are usually packed, and he recommends reserving a time slot a couple of weeks in advance. A private reservation of the entire vehicle costs $350 for 14 guests. Half groups are $27 per person, and individual tickets are $30 each.

“We get a lot of reservations for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, company team building activities and other special nights out,” Mayer said.

Angela Pittenger