Raytheon successfully tests Army missile system

Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems said it has successfully completed a key test of a new U.S. Army missile system designed to destroy rockets, artillery shells and mortar rounds.

The company said it recently completed two control-test vehicle flights for the Accelerated Improved Intercept Initiative (AI3) program, which uses small interceptor missiles with explosive warheads to down enemy projectiles. Raytheon was awarded a $79 million contract to develop the system last year.

During the most recent test flight, the system's fire-control radar detected a threat rocket and provided guidance to the AI3 test missile, Raytheon said.

The missile then maneuvered on a calculated trajectory necessary to intercept the 107-millimeter rocket target, though an actual intercept was not attempted. In subsequent missions, an onboard radar seeker will perform final guidance to a target intercept, the company said.


Averaging $3.20, gas prices in Tucson are state's lowest

Though motorists in most states are paying more for gas than one week ago, Arizona continues to benefit from lower pump prices.

This week, the statewide average price dropped 2.3 cents to $3.43 per gallon of regular gas, while national prices rose 2.4 cents to $3.55 per gallon, according to AAA Arizona.

Tucson had the lowest average price in the state as of Thursday, at $3.20 per gallon, down 3 cents since last week; while Flagstaff had the highest average price at $3.68.

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