Creating an entirely new, "magical" shopping experience every month is the goal for the owners of Gather A Vintage Market.

As the name implies, Gather is a market offering vintage and antique furniture and finds.

But it's open only four days a month, and it's set up completely different each time.

Simone Gers, co-owner of Gather A Vintage Market, said her family members have leased the former Arizona Sash and Door building at 657 W. St. Mary's Road and they, along with other vendors, plan to break down and set up a new market every month.

"What we do is rebuild from scratch each time," Gers said. "The floor plan changes, and it's a collaborative effort, so everybody comes together to present their goods."

Nina Klinkenberg, a vendor at Gather, said rebuilding every month gives customers a sense of wonder and anticipation.

"You want them to walk in and go, 'OMG, this is awesome,' " she said.

"You want them to turn every corner and see a surprise waiting for them."

Vendors work together to make that happen. "Creativity sparks creativity," Klinkenberg said of the collaborative process.

Even though there are separate vendors, each making its own money, it's set up like one market, rather than being divided by booths or partitions.

Crystal Flynt went to January's event with her mother, Bonnie Flynt. "We thought they did a wonderful job merchandising and making everything look cohesive, even though there are several vendors," Crystal Flynt said, adding, "It's a great addition to Tucson - there is nothing else like it here."

The idea for Gather came from Gers and her husband's experiences at four- day markets, which she said are "really big in other parts of the country."

"We felt like it was time to bring the concept to Tucson," she said.

Having the market open once a month gives the vendors time to find new products and things to set up, and makes the enterprise more manageable.

Klinkenberg said she thinks being open for four days is very effective "because you have such a concentrated selling time that you actually put a lot of effort into display and marketing your product."

There are no space fees for vendors. Instead, they pay a percentage of what they sell.

The vendors working with Gather are asked to price to sell. Since some of them have been in the industry for more than 30 years, Gers said they know the value of what they are selling.

"Our purpose is to have a good value for our customers," Gers said.

For that reason, there are no discounts, and no offers. "We'd rather be priced right the first time," she said.

The former Arizona Sash and Door building, and the warehouse district it is housed in, add to the "historic charm" of the market, she said.

Gather's first event was in January and was "really successful."

Gers credits part of that success to Tucson's artistic community and its appreciation for "innovative repurposing."

"The great thing about Tucson is people are really into repurposing, recycling and reusing," Gers said.

If You go

The market will be open the second Thursday through Sunday of each month. Here are the hours for February's event, which is this week:

Gather A Vintage Market

657 W. St. Mary's Road, 310-7531

Noon to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Vendor information

There is currently a waiting list for vendors. To be added to that list, email

Contact reporter Angela Pittenger at or 573-4137.