The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a public-comment meeting today in Tucson on a pending settlement of Tucson Electric Power Co.'s pending rate case.

The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. at 400 W. Congress St., Room 222.

Formal hearings on the TEP rate case will begin Wednesday in Tucson. An administrative law judge will hear evidence and submit a recommendation to the full Corporation Commission, which will make the final rate decision.

TEP, whose rates have been capped since December 2008, had requested an increase of 15 percent, or about $11 per month on the average monthly residential bill.

Under a proposed settlement between the Arizona Corporation Commission staff, TEP and other parties, the average residential customer bill would increase by less than $3, the commission said.

The overall impact reflects a base-rate increase, as well as a reduction in a floating surcharge for purchased power and fuel, and a reduction in a surcharge for conservation programs, stemming from the adoption of a plan proposed to comply with a state energy-efficiency mandate.