Family Dollar at 1785 W. Ajo Way was fined nearly $1,500 for pricing and price posting violations found by inspectors from the Arizona Department of Weights & Measures.

“We’ve been inspecting this location for quite some time,” said Shawn Marquez, director of the state regulatory agency. Problems at the store go back to 2005, when a consumer reported being over-charged, he added.

However, the current fines were imposed when the store failed a scheduled inspection April 1. Inspectors randomly chose items to scan for price accuracy. They found three overcharges and 23 lots of items that did not have prices posted.

“When you put things out in stores and expose them for sale, you have to have a price on it,” Marquez said. “When you don’t have prices on things, depending on the cashier, one person might say that’s a dollar and another might say that’s $4. Consumers don’t have the ability to price-compare.”

After one failed inspection, a business has to pass two times in a row for inspectors to go away, Marquez said.

Upon their return, April 16, the store passed, but on the second return inspection, May 6, inspectors found eight lots of items with no prices. So inspections continued, with more of the same results through the month of June, Marquez said.

July proved to be a better month for the store, since as of Thursday it has passed two inspections in a row and is currently in good standing.

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