City is accepting bids on parcels of surplus land

If you're in the market for land and would like to help the city close its budget deficit, Tucson is now accepting bids on some of its surplus land. Multiple parcels are available with the lowest price starting at $14,757.

Properties deemed unnecessary for future city needs are sold with the proceeds ending up in either the general fund or a specific department's coffers.

Currently, the city's Real Estate Program manages more than 3,000 property files, including more than 5,000 parcels of land and more than 500 lease files.

The city doesn't guarantee the property is free and clear of any environmental, archaeological or other potential development conditions. So if a pygmy owl takes up residence on the property, the relocation costs fall on you.

The highest and best bidder is awarded the property. All sales are subject to final City Council approval.

Darren DaRonco

3 of 4 Paradise bakeries to change name to Panera

Come May 18, your neighborhood Paradise Bakery & Cafe will be sporting a new name: Panera Bread.

The name change is merely a rebranding move. Panera bought the bakery and sandwich chain in 2009 and is now in the process of putting its name on the menus.

Three of Tucson's four Paradise locations, which are owned by Traditional Bakery Inc., will have the Panera name: The stores at The Corner Shopping Center on North Oracle Road near Tucson Mall; 6129 E. Broadway at Broadway Place; and 4821 E. Grant Road at Crossroads Festival Center.

Tucson's other Paradise Bakery & Cafe, at 845 N. Park Ave. near the University of Arizona, is not owned by Traditional Bakery and has not announced plans to change its name.

Most of the 60-plus Paradise Bakery locations in Arizona and eight other states will change their name to Panera. Traditional Bakery owns 32 locations in Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Next year, Traditional will open its fourth Tucson-area location - this one with a drive-thru window - at San Dorado, First Avenue and North Oracle Road in Oro Valley.

Cathalena E. Burch

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