Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems has been awarded two contracts totaling $212.8 million for the production of the Evolved Seasparrow Missile, with an option for $33 million in additional work on the ship defense system.

The first contract from the U.S. Navy NATO Seasparrow Project Office, as previously announced by the Pentagon, is for the production of the missile system through fiscal year 2014 and includes an option for further production. The agreement also provides NATO consortium-member navies with miscellaneous spare parts, containers and test equipment.

The second contract is a two-year direct commercial sale. Raytheon will provide Mitsubishi Electric Corp. of Japan the components and assemblies necessary to manufacture and deliver the  weapons to the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Licensed production will take place at Mitsubishi’s facility in Japan.

The Evolved Seasparrow Missile system is designed to defend ships against high-speed, maneuvering anti-ship cruise missiles as well as surface and low-velocity air threats. Consortium countries include Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey and the United States. Japan and the United Arab Emirates also buy the system.