Monica Negri, an image, style and wardrobe consultant, displays a couple of garments and asks a group of women to touch the material to see which one feels the most expensive. Negri is the owner of a business called Ten Outfits.


"We should enjoy our clothes because they have so much power and make us feel good," says Monica Negri, owner of Ten Outfits, an image, style and wardrobe consulting company in Tucson.

This year, Negri is offering workshops to help women make the most of their closets and take new direction in wardrobe, makeup, fitness and overall well-being.

There is a different workshop each month, and each one costs $15. Or, clients can buy five classes for $50.

"The workshops are an incredible deal," said Holly Hutchison, a client of Negri's. "You really learn a lot."

Ten Outfits has been in business nearly five years, but this is the first year Negri has offered a monthly workshop.

"I always think about what inspires you and what will help you stay on track," Negri said. "I thought it would be more fun to break it up throughout the year."

If a workshop participant chooses to hire Negri for other services, the money spent on the workshop would be used toward payment of that service.

For example, if a customer paid $50 for five workshops, and then decided to book Negri for a style consultation, the client would pay $125, rather than the full price of $175.

Other services offered by Ten Outfits include closet evaluations, personal shopping, makeup evaluation and bridal services.

Hutchison became a client after a friend attended a workshop and gave rave reviews. "She said she was fantastic," Hutchison said. "And I had reached a bottom in my closet, so I said 'Oh, God, I need someone to fix me.' My closet was a mess."

During a closet consultation, Negri tried to make 10 outfits out of the clothes Hutchison already had.

"It was like that show 'What Not to Wear,' " Hutchison said. "All of my stuff ended up on the bathroom floor.

"I had one outfit."

After shopping the closet, the client can opt to use Negri's shopping service. Negri will go to whichever store a client wants and pre-shop. So, when her client arrives, the dressing room is full of clothes pre-chosen in the correct sizes and colors.

She teaches clients how to pick stuff to go with their body type. She also tries to find deals on the clothes she recommends.

"She pulls sale stuff first," Hutchison said. "She'll take you to Ross if that's where you want to go."

Hutchison said since she had only one outfit after shopping her closet, she spent $2,500 on her first shopping trip.

"It sounds like a lot of money," she said. "But I spend so much less money on clothes now than I ever did."

Hutchison said it's more than worth the initial investment. "She really teaches you how to pick stuff that goes with your body type, so you're not wasting money or stressing out on what to buy."

Another client of Negri's, Jeanne Pickering, a retired business owner, said she values the confidence she's gained in knowing what style of clothing works for her and why.

"Even when I am pressed to find something on my own to purchase, I feel like I'm making the right decisions and I understand it," she said.

Melissa Carter, who works in talent development, has attended two of Negri's workshops so far this year.

"She always has interesting and exciting ways of presenting the information," Carter said. "And I always meet people I may not have met otherwise."

If You Go

This month's workshop is at 11 a.m. April 28 at California Closets, 3001 E. Skyline Drive. Attendees will learn about editing and organizing their closets. Also to be discussed: closet design trends and how to love your closet no matter what the size.

Contact Monica Negri at, call 615-6020 or visit

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