JDA Category Management 2017.1 enhancements increase collaboration

between retailers and manufacturers to deliver a more fluid, responsive

category management plan in line with consumer expectations

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With the digital supply chain transformation underway, retailers have an

opportunity to reinvent their strategies from the consumer perspective

to best address shopper expectations. This is particularly pertinent

from within the store, on the floor and on the shelf, where retailers

have the biggest opportunity to impact consumer purchase decisions

immediately. Additionally, there is ongoing pressure for retailers to

profitably satisfy customer demand and differentiate their brand to

remain competitive. In response to these market demands, JDA

Software Group, Inc. today introduced new capabilities within JDA®

Category Management that increase the collaboration capabilities

between category managers and store managers as well as with

manufacturers, and enhanced capabilities that give retailers the ability

to thrive in this rapidly evolving market.

“In today’s customer-centric retail environment, getting merchandise

assortments right the first time is crucial to shopper satisfaction as

well as profitability. Given this, we have enhanced several components

within JDA Category Management to move JDA further towards the goal of

providing an ‘always on’ category management platform that runs at the

speed of retail,” said Todd McCourtie, senior director, solutions

strategy, JDA. “We have simplified many aspects of the assortment and

space optimization processes to empower category managers to not only

create customer-centric planograms, but to also unite retailers and

manufacturers together in the planning process for more granular,

localized assortments every time.”

In today's global economy, customers are demanding a more relevant,

seamless and personalized shopping experience. Shopper behaviors, wants

and needs are shifting faster than category managers can respond. With

this in mind, JDA Category Management now enables a more agile,

proactive planning process that can take into account shifting market

dynamics and refine plans on the fly.

Key enhancements include:

  • Improved assortment collaboration: Via JDA Open Access,
    retailers can collaborate with internal stakeholders or trading
    partners via a web interface to review scorecard measures when
    creating assortments. Stores can review and provide feedback to
    proposed assortment plans to better align merchandise with local
    preferences and demand.

  • Consistent user interface: Taking into account direct customer
    input, JDA has redesigned its user interface (UI) across JDA Category
    Management to provide a more consistent user experience. The UI
    refresh provides a modern user experience with optimized usability.
    The Open Access Mobile application has been restyled to deliver a
    modern look and feel with enhanced intuitive navigation.

  • Localized space plans and what-if scenario planning: Space
    planners can now analyze the outcome of their merchandising rules for
    localized space plans before they run them. This allows for proactive
    what-if scenario planning which alerts planners to errors or warnings
    before the space plans are generated. This enables more successful,
    profitable merchandise plans with less user interaction.

“With this release, we continue toward our vision of empowering

retailers and manufacturers to create localized assortment and space

plans, and new capabilities that help them sense and respond to in-store

expectations proactively,” continued McCourtie. “The future of category

management lies within the ability to foster real-time collaboration

both internally between store and category managers, and externally,

with suppliers and manufacturing partners, to deliver a more fluid,

responsive category management plan that falls in line with consumer


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