Huge Opportunity to Meet Community’s Overall Behavioral Healthcare

Needs, Said Riverside County Chief of Staff Michelle DeArmond

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--County officials and Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon announced the grand

opening of RI International’s 24-hour mental health urgent care

facility, in Palm Springs, Calif., located at 2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr.,

on Nov. 23, 2016.

“This is a huge opportunity for us to take one more piece of the overall

behavioral health need and give people access to these services for our

community as a whole,” said Riverside County Board of Supervisors Chief

of Staff Michelle DeArmond. DeArmond added that the facility provides

more community services in a more targeted and cost-effective way. “This

is one opportunity where people who are in crisis, but don’t necessarily

need to take up law enforcement time or use a hospital bed, can go in

and receive support from people who are specialized in dealing

specifically with mental health crisis.”

“Our goal is to provide timely support before a situation becomes so

volatile that people are involuntarily held in hospital emergency

rooms,” said Steve Steinberg, director of Riverside University Health

System (RUHS) Behavioral Health. “We are providing an environment and a

level of services that engage people in their recovery.”

“One of the reasons our crisis services are rapidly expanding is because

we’ve developed what we call the ’living room’ approach,” said RI

International CEO and President David Covington. “The Palm Beach

facility is our fourth added this year, bringing our total to 14 crisis

facilities in five states across the U.S.,” said Covington. “We marry

clinical excellence with peer support, and work to make our facilities

feel more like a comfortable living room or resort, rather than an

institution. Our staff is not separated from guests by Plexiglas. We do

this to help lessen stigma and provide healing spaces, through welcoming

environments conducive to de-escalation and recovery,” added Covington.

The 24/7 Mental Health Urgent Care is for adults voluntarily seeking

assistance. Services include assessments, medication management and

psychiatric support. During their stay, guests will participate in the

development of individualized care plans that include recovery

education, peer-to-peer support, mental health services, nutritional

counseling and coordination, and referral to community-based services.

The facility is funded by Riverside County through RUHS and operated by

RI International.


Headquartered in Phoenix, RI

International is one of the nation’s leading crisis services mental

health providers. Founded as a non-profit in 1990, the Company is in

Delaware, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Washington State and New

Zealand, has been accredited by Joint Commission since 1992 and has

certified more than 7,000 peers around the world since 2000.


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