App reviews: Snapguide for Apple, Facebook Home for Android

2013-04-28T14:00:00Z App reviews: Snapguide for Apple, Facebook Home for AndroidBy Hayley Tsukayama (c) 2013, The Washington Post Arizona Daily Star


App simplifies creating tutorials for anything

The connected age has made it easy to spread knowledge to just about anyone, and Snapguide is an easy and elegant way to share with the world step-by-step guides to what you know. Users can create public photo and video guides to do anything — from making a killer bruschetta to tying a bow tie — which they can post to the mobile devices application and share.

Snapguide lets users search for guides or pick from topics they're interested in, such as food, crafts or technology. Companies such as have posted guides, but many are made by everyday people. Users also can comment on a guide to offer a tweak or simply to thank the poster for publishing. Snapguide offers users the option to sign in with Facebook, Twitter or with an email address. Free, for Apple's iOS devices.


An Android takeover, for better and worse

Facebook's major push into the mobile world puts the social network at the heart of Android smartphones, which should appeal to its most-addicted users. Friend updates appear on the lockscreen, from which users can double-tap to like a post or chime in with a comment. And Facebook's messenger program can move with you from app to app with an overlay that keeps you from having to switch into its own app.

Still, while the app makes using Facebook much easier, it probably won't appeal to those who aren't heavy Facebookers. It takes a few more swipes to get to your apps, and letting Facebook become the center of your phone means that Android users lose a lot of customization. There's also privacy to consider: By default, Facebook does not require a password to comment or like items, meaning users will have to change those settings on their own if they're uncomfortable with that. Android users should also know that Facebook Home is available only on a handful of phones: the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 and HTC's First, One, One X and HTC One X+. Free, for select Android phones.

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