Q: Internet pop-up ads are out of control on my Windows 7 PC that uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 Web browser. I have a free pop-up stopper from Panicware that used to be good, but now it doesn't stop most ads.

A: I doubt that your pop-up blocker software is failing. More likely your computer has been infected by malicious software. Download the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program at tinyurl.com/blqaum7. Click "Download Now"; find, at the bottom of your screen, a rectangular download box that says, "Do you want to run or save mbam-setup-" Click on "run." When the installation is complete, uncheck the box next to "Enable free trial," click "Finish," let the program update, then click "OK." When Malwarebytes starts, use its default setting "run quick scan" and click "Scan." You'll be given a list of questionable programs on your PC; delete them.

Now take preventive action by either turning on the pop-up blocker that is built in to Internet Explorer 10 or downloading a new pop-up blocker. I suggest you uninstall your original Panicware: Click "Start," choose "Control Panel," click "Programs and Features" and follow directions.

To turn on Internet Explorer 10's own pop-up blocker, click on the "Tools" heading and choose "Internet Options". Then click on the "Privacy" tab and check the box in front of "Turn on Pop-up Blocker." To download another free pop-up blocker, see tinyurl.com/lteapve

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