Q: When you wrote about "Which TV system for the digital age" last Sunday, I still had questions. You suggested getting an Internet connection with a download speed of 10 to 15 megabits. Do I really need a connection that fast, and where can I get it?

How fast should a wireless router be to send streaming TV from the Internet to a Blu-ray player or other device that connects to the TV?

Are there any websites about how to hook up a home wireless network for TV?

A: You don't need a 10- to 15-megabit download speed today, but it will be useful in the future as higher-definition video streaming becomes routine.

Today a download speed of 5 megabits will produce good results. You can get a 5 megabit connection from either the phone company or the cable company; for significantly higher speeds you'll need to use the cable company in most cases.

Netflix offers some advice on how fast your Internet connection should be to stream video at different levels of picture quality; see tinyurl.com/mlqzhvp

You don't need to worry about the speed of the wireless router. Any router you can buy today will be much faster than your Internet connection, which is the real bottleneck in watching streaming video or downloading movies.

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