NuvOx Pharma was founded and is led by University of Arizona radiologist Dr. Evan Unger, co-director of the Arizona Cancer Center's imaging program.

Tucson-based biotech drug startup NuvOx Pharma has been awarded a grant of nearly $300,000 from the National Cancer Institute to study a targeted contrast agent for breast cancer.

Dr. Evan Unger, a University of Arizona radiology professor and co-founder of NuvOx, is co-principal investigator of the grant along with Dr. Juergen Willmann, professor of radiology and a clinical division chief in the radiology department at Stanford University Medical Center.

The scientists said in a news release that the company has developed a new targeting method using “micro bubbles” that can improve the accuracy of ultrasound imaging for breast cancer detection.

NuvOx is in clinical testing of another nanotechnology product for brain cancer.