We all have many connections and some relationships are better than others. None of the relationships we have are better than the ones we have with “The Connectors.”

There is a difference between people who are connected, and people who are connectors. Connected people attend lots of events, they know lots of people and can refer a lot of business. They are great to have in your network, but the connectors are better.

All connectors seem to know a lot of people, and a lot of people know them. A good connector knows exactly who to introduce you to as soon as you meet them. Connectors see potential strategic partnerships you never knew existed. The best connectors see opportunities most people do not. The connector knows how to convert those opportunities into something measurable.

Maybe it is a stream of referral business you are looking for, or an introduction to get past a gatekeeper? Looking for funding for a nonprofit, or a partner for a new business venture? No problem, almost anything is possible for the connector.

Connectors can introduce you to incredible referral sources, and can create amazing opportunities. The connector has the ability to impact your bottom line much more than most.

Good connectors are rare, so if you know one, be grateful and do everything you can to develop that relationship. Connectors love creating introductions and opportunities more than anything else. Making connections for others is what feeds them. If you appreciate their efforts, they will do more for you. If you help them achieve their goals, they will do more than you ever imagined.

Do something special for the connectors in your life, and reap the rewards in 2017!

Bill Nordbrock is vice president of community relations for SCORE Southern Arizona, a nonprofit group that offers free small-business counseling and mentoring by appointment at several locations. For information, see southernarizona.score.org, send an email to mentoring@scoresouthernaz.org, or call 505-3636.