PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Consumers, able-bodied or not, prefer SUVs to minivans at a rate of more

than 6:1 based on annual automotive sales reported in the Wall Street

Journal. “One of VMI’s core values is to never forget the challenges

faced by our customers,” said Tim Barone, CEO of Vantage Mobility

International (VMI). “When we started to explore the possibility of

converting an SUV, our core value remained the focal point of our

mission as we spoke with wheelchair users and their families to

understand their wants and needs.” He continued, “We started with people

who wanted an accessible SUV, but couldn’t find one that met their

needs. During our research, we consistently received feedback that an

SUV meant more than style. It meant normalcy. We learned that an SUV

itself isn’t enough. The right SUV must have the physical design and

practical space to meet our consumers’ specific demands.

“The introduction of the VMI Honda Pilot Northstar E™ accessible SUV

with its innovative manual in-floor ramp offers the perfect combination

of simplicity, space and style at a great price,” Barone said. Customers

looking for a caregiver vehicle that offers accessibility and sweet

style will find this vehicle delivers exceptional wheelchair

maneuverability and room for the family. It’s equipped with practical

features that put the “utility” in an SUV, such as a ramp that’s easily

stowed out of the way, a removable front passenger seat for greater

seating flexibility, and plenty of usable storage.

Built into this new SUV from VMI is its exclusive Access360® which sets

a new standard for generous wheelchair space and maneuverability. “VMI’s

Honda Pilot Northstar E™ SUV boasts more space for large power chairs to

enter the vehicle and maneuver comfortably, more flexibility with a

removable front seat and confidence that it will deliver a superior

experience,” said Barone. VMI’s stated unique features of the product


  • Expansive door opening width (33.5”) and door height (55.5”) to make
    entry and exit easy.

  • An in-floor ramp which is stowed within the vehicle floor with no
    squeaking or rattling keeping dirt and debris out of the
    vehicle cabin.

  • A wide (32”) durable ramp to accommodate large power wheelchairs.

  • Flexible seating lets the wheelchair user sit in the front passenger
    position or the spacious mid row.

  • An obstruction-free doorway for safe entry and exit without having to
    deploy the ramp for able-bodied passengers.

  • Overhead and added floor and door lighting making wheelchair
    securement easier in lowlight conditions.

  • A rear bench footrest that’s easy to use and offers additional comfort
    for passengers seated on the rear bench.

  • An extra cargo storage area conveniently incorporated below the rear
    bench seat.

  • 100% crash tested to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
    governed by NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety

For more information or to test drive the all new Honda Pilot Northstar

E™ SUV available from VMI, call 855-864-8267 or visit

About VMI

Vantage Mobility International (VMI) is a leading manufacturer of

wheelchair accessible vehicles built on Toyota, Honda, and Fiat Chrysler

Automobiles (FCA) chassis. The company has advanced the mobility

industry for 30 years with a robust portfolio of minivan and SUV

conversions as well as platform lifts. VMI, based in Phoenix, Arizona,

has been awarded the prestigious Toyota Gold Certificate for Quality and

its manufacturing facility utilizes Six Sigma techniques to employ

continuous process improvements and deliver high-quality products for

personal use and commercial applications.


Vantage Mobility International

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