Details for Summer is right around the corner! Check out these May planting tips from Quality Pottery!


Roses: Feed established roses with Flower and Vegetable Food or Magnum Rose Food (for potted roses). Add Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Increase deep watering to every other day. Mulch your roses to help retain moisture.

Summer Annuals: Plant summer annuals such as calibrachoa, celosia, cosmos, golden fleece, marigolds, nierembergia, petunias, periwinkle, and sweet potato vine. For shady areas, plant begonias, caladium, dahlias, impatiens, and pink splash.

Summer Veggies: Plant summer vegetables such as, watermelon and squash. Plant heat tolerant veggies: Lima beans, eggplants, peanuts, peppers and sweet potatoes.

Summer Perennials: This is a great month to plant native and desert adapted perennials.

Flowering Cactus: Many cactus are flowering right now.

Citrus: Citrus fruit drop is normal this month, as it is nature’s way of removing excess fruit that the tree cannot handle. There is no reason for concern if you are watering properly. Fruit that reach the size of a quarter generally stay on the tree.

Citrus: Still time to feed established citrus (generally recommended on or about Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day)

Leaf Cutter Bees: Evidence of leaf cutter bees will appear on the new growth of plants such as bougainvillea and roses. You will notice perfect semi-circles cut out of the foliage. The insect uses the new foliage for nest making material, and does not actually ingest any portion of the plant, so it does not make sense to spray the plant with insecticide. The affected plant may look unsightly for a while, but no permanent damage will be done.

Irrigation: You will probably need to increase the frequency of irrigation on established trees and shrubs to about once a week. Continue to water slowly and deeply

What to watch for: Spider mites (looks like dust of leaves of your plants); bee swarms; caterpillars on grapes and Texas Mountain Laurel.

Agaves are highly susceptible to the agave snout-nosed weevil that hides inside the stems and chews away at the soft tissue. Treat now with Once-A-Year Insect Control.


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