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We perform all of our boundary surveys to meet the Arizona Boundary Survey Minimum Standards as required by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration or BTR.  The BTR is the governing body of Registered Land Surveyors in Arizona. Not only do we meet these minimum standards, we often exceed them as the conditions of your parcel may require. For a copy of the Minimum Standards, please click here.

Sometimes referred to as “staking and flagging”, it is the process of researching the deeds for the property and adjoining properties, then going to the site to recover or set the property corners. A map will then be prepared that will show the property lines, property dimensions, acreage and encroachments. Encroachments are things like fences, walls or roads that might cross the property line and that could indicate an adverse claim by a neighbor. This is the basic survey upon which all other surveys are based. The map will not show: improvements, topography, easements, setbacks, flood plains and utilities (these items can be added for an additional fee). This map will be recorded at the county Recorder’s office.

Don’t be fooled by claims that all surveys can be completed in 24 hours.  Some simple surveys can, but some take days of research and preparation before the field crew can go to the site.  The most common mistake surveyors will make is failing to do the proper research.

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