Details for It's time to plant summer vegetables and flowers! Check out Pottery Fiesta's June Planting Tips!


• Feed established roses with Flower and Vegetable Food or Magnum Rose Food (for potted roses) at half strength. Add Epsom salts at half strength. Increase deep watering to every day. Mulch your roses to help retain moisture. Apply chelated iron to roses exhibiting an iron deficiency (yellow leaves with bright green veins). Keep an eye out for spider mites. Treat with Systemic Insecticide. Distorted buds are a sign of thrips damage. It is important to treat buds (with Systemic Insecticide) at a very early stage, before the damage is visible.

• Summer annuals varieties include calibrachoa, celosia, cosmos, golden fleece, nierembergia, periwinkle, portulaca, salvia, and sweet potato vine. For shady areas, plant begonias, caladium, dahlias, impatiens, and pink splash.

Plant summer annuals from seed. Varieties include cosmos, sunflowers, tithonia, and zinnias.

• Plant summer vegetables such as Armenian cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, squash, and watermelon from transplant or seed.

• Cover tomatoes with shade cloth or perhaps you have grown some shade.

• Sow fall tomatoes indoors.

• Make sure you have covered the soil with mulch to retain moisture and reduce plant stress.

• Plant summer herbs such as basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme.

• Plant trees, shrubs, and vines by the beginning of the month in order to benefit from a full summer season of growth.

• Prune dead branches, or branches that compromise the growth or shape of trees or shrubs, but don’t do any severe pruning at this time.

• Most established trees and shrubs will need weekly irrigation. Water slowly and deeply.

• Water established non-native cacti once a week. Established native cactus such as prickly pear and ocotillo should be watered at least once a month (saguaro cactus should not need any supplemental water, unless recently planted). Container cacti may need watering up to twice a week.

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