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“A competent property surveyor is in effect a minor court. He must decide questions of fact and questions of law. He must search the records for all pertinent deed writings, survey records, and court records and relate these records to evidence he finds on the ground. He seeks and takes the testimony of everyone who has knowledge of the problem at hand. He evaluates all the evidence he can gather from the record, the ground, and from testimony, and makes his own decision. He marks his decision on the ground by durable, exclusively identifiable monuments and accessories. He assumes the responsibility for his work by showing all the pertinent data such as records, evidence, reasoning, and old and new monuments on a plat which he signs, dates, seals, and publicly records. His plat is “… an edited, accurately scaled, dimensioned, pictorial representation of his original notes and record research in sufficient detail that the retracement surveyor or reviewing lawyer need have no further recourse to his original notes.”

The ethical surveyor is impartial and will make the same decisions whether he is paid by one landowner or the other. He must make his decision in such a way that it will be upheld by the court, if tried. Obviously he must know property boundary law. In the words of the late Justice Cooley, of the Michigan Supreme Court:

“Surveyors are not and cannot be judicial officers, but in a great many cases they act in a quasi-judicial capacity with the acquiescence of the parties concerned and it is important for them to know by what rules they are to be guided in the discharge of their judicial functions … “

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