Herb Kai

Herb  Kai


  • NameHerb Kai
  • Date of Birth (Age)October 13, 1947 (67)


Employer: Owner of Herb Kai Farms
Education: Bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the University of Arizona
Political experience: Town council member since 1993
How would you use your position to help businesses create jobs? That’s important to me and economic development is very important to the town. The problem we have is we have to have infrastructure that is ready for new businesses. We need to find dollars to get this infrastructure in place, whether it’s public dollars or investor dollars. For small businesses, we need to keep streamlining permitting processes.
What is your strategy for smart growth? I support growth that’s good for the environment and good for residents.
What is the most important issue facing your town? Water resources. Being in farming, I’ve developed numerous contacts in the water world. Securing a water supply, like Central Arizona Project water, which is already over allocated and already spoken for, is important. We need to do a better job when they reallocate this water. Marana needs to be there making it known we need more renewable water. There’s renewable water being already allocated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, and they’re looking for cities who want that water and trying to rank them. Marana has to be first at that table.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Marana Town Council - 4 open seats 2013 Community Primary