Jeff Flake

Jeff  Flake


  • NameJeff Flake
  • Party Affiliationrepublican


Age: 49

Employer and Position: U.S. Representative.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in international relations, Brigham Young University; Master’s in political science, Brigham Young University.

Political Experience: U.S. House of Representatives, 2001-present.

Top priority: Reducing the federal debt, deficit and tackling our fiscal crisis will be my top priority.

How would you use your position as an elected official to help businesses create jobs in Southern Arizona?
The federal government needs to create a tax and regulatory environment that allows theprivate sector to grow the economy and create jobs.  The U.S. needs a tax code that allows American companies to compete globally.
Should the qualifications for Medicaid or AHCCCS be broadened to make more people eligible?
No, the federal government simply cannot afford to expand Medicaid to cover more individuals.   
If you were in a position to vote on SB1070, would you have voted for or against it?
Many conservatives, like myself, had concerns about the constitutionality of the initial version of SB1070, which included questionable language regarding police stops.  Fortunately, those concerns were addressed in a subsequent version of SB1070.  I would have voted for the revised version of SB 1070.
In a world of finite resources, what if anything would you be willing to cut to better fund education?
The federal government’s role in education has grown both in cost and in top-down regulations far beyond any relationship to student achievement.  State and local governments are in a better position to work with parents in setting standards, developing curricula, and offering parental choice in education.
Should local government fight to keep the Rosemont Copper Mine out or encourage the company to stay?
Given the global demand for copper and the need for local jobs, I support the Rosemont Copper Mine.  I believe that Rosemont can create local jobs and supply a critical mineral while addressing environmental concerns.
What is the most important issue in your race?
There is no issue as urgent or important as our ballooning national debt.  It affects every aspect of government, from the economy to immigration reform.  It's imperative that Congress begin to take this problem seriously by reducing discretionary spending and making reforms to entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare.  If Congress acts now, these reforms can be implemented without affecting those currently receiving benefits or nearingretirement.  We've seen in Europe what can happen when these issues are ignored for too long.  If elected to the United States Senate, reducing the national debt and passing balanced budgets will be my priority.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
U.S. Senate Republican primary Statewide 2012 National Primary
U.S. Senate statewide 2012 National General

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