Jon Post

Jon  Post


  • NameJon Post
  • Date of Birth (Age)June 22, 1969 (46)


Party: Republican
Occupation and employer: Owner of Post Farms, Post Feed & Supply, Marana Pumpkin Patch
Political experience: 6 years Board of Directors of Trico Electric, 5 years Marana Planning and Zoning Commission, 6 years Marana Chamber of Commerce, 8 years Board of Directors of the Cortaro Marana Irrigation District, 10 years Board of Directors of the Cortaro Water Users Assocation.

How would you use your position on the council to help businesses create jobs in your town? As a Council member and a local business owner I understand the difficulty navigating business regulations and permitting processes. I would continue to support business and job growth by continuing to streamline the permitting process for businesses wanting to open and expand in Marana. Also as a council member I would continue to stress the importance of recreation opportunity and availability of services to new locating businesses.
What is your strategy for smart growth in your town? As a community we cannot underestimate the importance of new development in our Town. Due to the economic downturn in the housing market there will be a need to identify new funding mechanisms for infrastructure to support continued growth. As a council we need to look for new ideas that allow infrastructure to be built to support the growth without putting the financial burden on current residences.
What is the most important issue facing your town? The most important issues facing the town right now are the acquisition of renewable water resources and the continuation of a balanced budget. The town has been trying to find water resources for many years to support the expected growth of the town. The waster water issue that is on the ballot will go a long way in helping solve this problem if approved by the voters. Balancing the budget on a yearly basis without reducing important core services and raising taxes is also a ongoing issue facing the town.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Marana Town Council - 4 open seats 2013 Community Primary