Martha McSally

Martha  McSally


  • NameMartha McSally
  • Party Affiliationrepublican


Age: 48

Employer and position: Colonel, U.S. Air Force (ret.), former professor of national security studies at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany

Education: Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy; master's degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard; master's degree in strategic studies from the U.S. Air War College.

Political experience: Congressional District 2 Republican nominee in 2012, ran for Congress in District 8 special election primary in 2012

Top priority: Creating jobs, ensuring our national defense, eliminating government overreach, and bringing servant leadership to Washington, D.C.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
CD 8 Republican primary Arizona 8th Congressional District 2012 National Primary
CD 2 Republican primary Arizona 2nd Congressional District 2012 National Primary
CD 2 2nd Congressional District 2012 National General
Congressional District 2 Republican primary 2 2014 National Primary
Congressional District 2 2 2014 National General